Wentworth plans run for councilman-at-large seat

GLOVERSVILLE – Two members of the city Common Council will seek the position of councilman-at-large in the coming election in November.

First Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth announced Sunday via Facebook she will seek the position of councilman-at-large.

“After much thought and consideration, as well as discussion with people I trust and respect, I decided to pick up a petition for the councilman-at-large position in Gloversville,” Wentworth wrote on her Facebook page. “I believe that my years of experience as Ward 1 councilwoman will provide me with the background to be a part of leading the city into the future. I would ask for the support of all those in Gloversville who have come to trust that I will continue to work hard and make the best decisions for our city.”

Wentworth is a Democrat and will be matching up against incumbent Councilman-at-Large James Robinson, a Republican.

“I made the decision because I think it’s important to have a choice,” Wentworth said this morning. “We are encouraging people to vote and I think it is important to get people out to vote by giving them a choice to vote on.”

Robinson already announced he will run for re-election for his current seat and not for mayor.

Wentworth said if people are happy with the job Robinson is doing to “please go out and vote for him, but if people want things to change, there needs to be another choice.”

Robinson could not be reached for comment.

The first day for signing designating petitions is today. Potential candidates have until July 11 to submit their designating petitions, according to the Fulton?County Board of Elections.

The first day for signing independent nominating petitions is July 9 and those potential candidates will have until Aug. 20 to submit their petitions, according to the Board of Elections.

The board said in the event Wentworth wins the position of Councilman-at-Large, her vacant seat would be filled by someone appointed by the Common Council.

In the race for mayor, two other people also have announced their candidacies in addition to incumbent Mayor Dayton King. Gloversville 5th Ward Supervisor Michael Ponticello is seeking the post, as is former city council member James Handy.

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