Area lacrosse players named league all-stars

Several area boys lacrosse players were among those honored on the recently announced Foothills Council and Big 10 Conference all-star teams.

Johnstown had three players earn Foothills Council honors, while Amsterdam had four players honored by the Big 10.

Johnstown’s Jeremy Mowrey was named first-team attack, while Colin Dalmata (defense) and Anthony Mowrey (defensive midfield – short stick) earned honorable-mention status.

Amsterdam defender Nick Lomanto was named to the Big 10 first team, while Jon Magaletti (attack), Robert Santiago (transition midfield) and Dylan Smith (goalie) were named to the second team.

Scotia-Glenville placed six players on the Foothills Council first team, including Nick McCloskey (attack), Cullen Swider (midfield), Dave Renko (defensive midfield – short stick), Jake Trainor (defensive midfield – long stick) and Kevin Gamache (defense).

Queensbury had five players earn first-team honors, including Ben Willows (attack), Braden Kietzman (midfield), Dylan Borkowski (defense), Aidan Switzer (defense) and Kade Kirby (goalie).

Glens Falls’ Tyler Mello (midfield) rounded out the Foothills Council first team.

In addition to its first-team selections, Queensbury also had four players earn second-team honors. Included in that group were Ryan Conway (attack), Shay Benedetto (defensive midfield – short stick), Drew Wilson (defensive midfield – long stick) and Sam Morrissey (defense)

South Glens Falls also had four second-team selections, including Callan LaMay (attack), Khalil Choukier (defense), Kendal Clark (defense) and Matt Brady (goalie).

Also named to the second team were Scotia-Glenville’s Connor Flaherty (attack), Glens Falls’ Matt Girard (midfield), Scotia-Glenville’s Zach Tripoli (midfield) and Glens Falls’ Connor McGuirk (midfield).

Glens Falls, which won the Section II Class C title, had four players earn honorable-mention status.

Nick Plocharczyk (attack), Chris Haas (attack), Brandon Rivers (defensive midfield – long stick) and Reed Miner (defense) all were named honorable mention for the Indians.

Scotia-Glenville’s Ben Connelly (attack), Austin Meisner (defense), Ray Nazir (goalie) and Sam Carmola (midfield) also earned honorable-mention status, along with South Glens Falls’ Pat Fish (midfield) and Pat Kimmell (midfield).

In the Big 10 Conference, Christian Brothers Academy’s John Bassett was named Player of the Year.

CBA attackers Josh Frese, Isaac LaRue and Don Vivian were named to the first team. Sean Behrmann (midfield), Andy Curro (midfield), James Bell (transition midfield), Reid Gower (long pole midfield), Peter Reilly (defense), Tom Steffens (defense), Max Anthony (faceoff specialist) and Luke Frese (faceoff specialist) also earned first-team honors for CBA.

LaSalle’s Dan Facci (attack), Dan Marcelle (midfield), Mark Uhlig (midfield), Matt Christian (transition midfield) and Fitz McDonough (defense) also were named to the first team, along with Schenectady goalie James Schnepf.

Schenectady placed six players on the second team, including Kwame Jarvis (midfield), Colin Derboghossian (transition midfield), Erick Campos (long pole midfield), Tyler DePasquale (defense), Alex Phann (defense) and Nakia Boozer (faceoff specialist).

LaSalle’s Alex Fron (attack), Sam Collins (defense) and Evan Polacanski (faceoff specialist) also earned second-team honors, along with CBA’s Aidan Murphy (midfield) and Ryan O’Hagan (midfield). Troy attacker Joel Bruan rounded out the second team.

Boys Lacrosse All-Stars

Foothills Council

First Team

Attack: Nick McCloskey (Scotia-Glenville), Ben Willows (Queensbury), Jeremy Mowrey (Johnstown)

Midfield: Cullen Swider (Scotia-Glenville), Tyler Mello (Glens Falls), Braden Kietzman (Queensbury)

Defensive midfield (short stick): Dave Renko (Scotia-Glenville)

Defensive midfield (long stick): Jake Trainor (Scotia-Glenville)

Defense: Kevin Gamache (Scotia-Glenville), Dylan Borkowski (Queensbury), Aidan Switzer (Queensbury)

Goalie: Kade Kirby (Queensbury)

Second Team

Attack: Callan LaMay (South Glens Falls), Connor Flaherty (Scotia-Glenville), Ryan Conway (Queensbury)

Midfield: Zach Tripoli (Scotia-Glenville), Matt Girard (Glens Falls), Connor McGuirk (Glens Falls)

Defensive midfield (short stick): Shay Benedetto (Queensbury)

Defensive midfield (long stick): Drew Wilson (Queensbury)

Defense: Khalil Choukier (South Glens Falls), Kendal Clark (South Glens Falls), Sam Morrissey (Queensbury)

Goalie: Matt Brady (South Glens Falls)

Honorable Mention

Attack: Ben Connelly (Scotia-Glenville), Chris Haas (Glens Falls), Nick Plocharczyk (Glens Falls)

Midfield: Pat Fish (South Glens Falls), Pat Kimmell (South Glens Falls), Sam Carmola (Scotia-Glenville)

Defensive midfield (short stick): Anthony Mowrey (Johnstown)

Defensive midfield (long stick): Brandon Rivers (Glens Falls)

Defense: Austin Meisner (Scotia-Glenville), Reed Miner (Glens Falls), Colin Dalmata (Johnstown)

Goalie: Ray Nazir (Scotia-Glenville)

Big 10

Player of the Year: John Bassett (CBA).

First Team

Attack: Dan Facci (La Salle), Josh Frese (CBA), Isaac LaRue (CBA), Don Vivian (CBA).

Midfield: Sean Behrmann (CBA), Andy Curro (CBA), Dan Marcelle (La Salle), Mark Uhlig (La Salle).

Transition midfield: James Bell (CBA), Matt Christian (La Salle).

Long pole midfield: Reid Gower (CBA).

Defense: Nick Lomanto (Amsterdam), Fitz McDonough (La Salle), Peter Reilly (CBA), Tom Steffens (CBA).

Goalie: James Schnepf (Schenectady).

Faceoff specialist: Max Anthony (CBA), Luke Frese (CBA).

Second Team

Attack: Joel Braun (Troy), Alex Fron (La Salle), Jon Magaletti (Amsterdam).

Midfield: Kwame Jarvis (Schenectady), Aidan Murphy (CBA), Ryan O’Hagan (CBA).

Transition midfield: Robert Santiago (Amsterdam), Colin Derboghossian (Schenectady).

Long pole midfield: Erick Campos (Schenectady).

Defense: Sam Collins (La Salle), Tyler DePasquale (Schenectady), Alex Phann (Schenectady).

Goalie: Dylan Smith (Amsterdam).

Faceoff specialist: Evan Polacanski (La Salle), Nakia Boozer (Schenectady).