Boarding revenue down at county jail

JOHNSTOWN – Fulton County government’s revenue derived from boarding in outside inmates at the county jail is down by 13 percent from last year, the jail’s administrator reported to county supervisors.

Jail overtime costs are down by 20 percent during the period as well.

Capt. David Curtis, jail administrator, last week gave a 2013 boarder revenue and overtime report to the Board of Supervisors’ Public Safety Committee at the County Office Building.

The Fulton County Jail – like many county correctional facilities – boards inmates from other counties for reasons such as overcrowding.

In his report, Curtis said the Fulton County Jail boarder revenue for 2013 is at $202,000 – a 13 percent decrease in comparison to 2012 figures for the same period.

He also reported overtime costs for 2013 are at $61,000 – a 20 percent reduction compared to the same period last year.

Curtis couldn’t be reached this morning to further explain the data.

County Administrative Officer Jon Stead told the committee it is probably premature for the county to make too much of the figures.

“It’s early in the year,” Stead said. “Until you get into August or September, that’s when you can get into whether your revenues come close to your projections.”

Curtis said there are several factors that influence the boarder and overtime figures such as fluidity of Fulton County’s own inmate population and the outside counties; and inmate medical-mental health issues.

Curtis said another factor that can influence the figures are the county’s ability to maintain compliance with state-mandated standards, as well as newly enacted federal jail standards.