Jesus even loved taxman

Society labels certain people as outcasts such as Zacchaeus, who was a notorious tax collector despised by the people. Christ Jesus loved Zacchaeus as he did lepers who also were deemed outcasts. Men respond to genuine love coming from the heart. So Zacchaeus not only included Jesus into his home, but Zacchaeus made a commitment to repent. All men are sinners (Romans 3:10) as Scripture states, “There is no one righteous, no not one.” There is within the soul a void, a hunger and a thirst to seek anything to satisfy and satiate the human cravings. All men seek security so they will search for it in alcohol, sex, drugs or the occult. Man is warring with God until he surrenders to the son of God, Christ Jesus (Romans 5:1). Christ Jesus bestows peace man is yearning for. Every worldly endeavor culminates in bondage. Satan has a strangle hold on man’s life. Christ Jesus shatters that yoke of bondage. Zacchaeus sought after dishonest, filthy lucre as stated in Luke 19:1-10. The scene of Zacchaeus’ encounter with Christ took place in Jericho where the walls came tumbling down when Gideon and his men marched around the fortress of Jericho seven times while blowing trumpets centuries earlier. Zacchaeus was physically short of stature. However, spiritually speaking, he stood tall and stalwart for the truth. Men, unlike Zacchaeus, detest being confronted with their sin natures. Men call evil good and good evil.

Seven principles in this text are true.

1) Unbelievers must surrender to Christ for a spiritual awakening.

2) Sin must so devastate us it causes mourning.

3) Repentance is Godly sorrow, not worldly sorrow.

4) The holy spirit arouses curiosity about Christ.

5) Confession results in repentance.

6) Genuine repentance leads to a lifestyle transformation.

7) Genuine repentance entails making restitution to whomever we have wronged.

In conclusion, the walls of Zacchaeus’ heart came tumbling down, making Christ able to enter.