Gloversville library should have ‘real’ vote

A headline in The Leader-Herald on May 9 read, “Gloversville tops list of tax rates.” I want to address, in that light, the Gloversville library vote.

First of all, I want to congratulate Vincent DeSantis. Who better to represent the voters? Vinnie has done a tremendous job, in so many capacities, in caring about Gloversville. I realize that he will be only one of five trustees, but I know that he will not shirk his responsibilities; he never has.

As for the Gloversville library: You need to have a “real” election, considering today’s headline. What is wrong with a “real” public ballot, alongside of candidates for the Board of Education? More voters will show up; more will have a say; what can you be afraid of? The truth is in today’s headline.

Do not misconstrue my views. I love this library and the Gloversville school system. Any degree of intelligence I have originates with these two. Always has.

You cannot, however, say that you’re going to spend $200,000 to replace windows that aren’t broken and then ask for a tax increase. Homeowners are not allowed to do this. I believe it’s called management, protocol, or just plain common sense. You’re running a business and you need to act like it.

Hopefully, Mr. DeSantis can explain this to you. God bless you Vinnie – to whom much is given, much is required.