Bureaucracy acts crazy

Well folks, once again, I’m witness to government bureaucracy at work. No truck parking on the industrial park’s main roads. The comment was made that no one spoke up against it; I wonder why? Who needs to park there while waiting to get in to make pick ups or deliveries? The truck drivers that don’t live there. There is so much activity in the industrial park that timing a multitude of companies and pickups/deliveries is impossible.

No place to park? Go to a truck stop. Only problem is, there’s not enough parking there either. If you leave because there is no parking then you lose your place in line.

Have infrastructure damage? Then why the hell didn’t you build the damn roads for the big trucks needed to use it?

Asinine laws like this are why I moved to Oklahoma. New York is going gay, defenseless and to the dogs. You can have it. I live among Americans now, like we used to be up that way.

And if you don’t like it that I’m anti-gay, anti-nonsense gun laws, and anti-taxed to death – too bad. I don’t believe in being politically correct.


Poteau, Okla.