Cemetery looked great

Recently, a reader was critical of the conditions at Prospect Hill Cemetery and Ferndale Cemetery, especially because Memorial Day was approaching. While I can’t speak about Ferndale Cemetery, I want to say I had occasion to drive by Prospect Hill Cemetery late in the afternoon last May 24. (I believe that was the day before the critical letter was published.) While stopped at the light on East Fulton Street and Kingsboro Avenue, I saw two workers using Weed Eaters in the cemetery in a driving rain storm.

Between late Friday and Memorial Day, that cemetery looked great, in my opinion. It was completely mowed and trimmed. I didn’t see any trees on gravestones or monuments overturned. No doubt the Prospect Hill Cemetery Association does the best with the resources it has available.

Also, congratulations to the Gloversville Parade committee for another outstanding job. The parade was great as always, something Gloversville can be proud of. In addition, as is its tradition, the committee worked tirelessly to place flags on each and every veteran’s grave. That is a huge task.

The program after the parade at the Soldiers and Sailors monument was inspirational and celebrated the true meaning of Memorial Day. Again, congratulations to all involved. A job well done, Gloversville.