Too much parochialism in local area

I just finished reading a recent column by Dave D’Amore in The Sunday Leader-Herald.

I couldn’t agree more.

All of the “not in my backyard” and “it’s mine” and “you can’t have it” that has occurred over the years needs to end.

Fulton County is taking the right steps, but it needs the full cooperation of the cities and particularly the town of Johnstown.

A long time ago, I asked my father why there were two Johnstowns, city and town.

He explained the difference and said the towns were set up when communication was slow and they were not needed now.

This was probably 40 years ago or more. Yet, we still have them.

There is too much of “what is in it for me?”

Look how Johnstown fought providing water and sewer to the college and the airport.

I have lived in Johnstown for 80 years and I love it, but I have to say it has been a leader in parochialism.

We need to get over what my father called “Fulton County mentality.”

Fortunately, the county is getting over that and the cities and the town need to get on board.

In other words, what is good for us will be good for me.