Let Betz get back to work

As the height of the tourism season begins, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s promotion of heritage tourism to help the economy and the Path Through History weekends – this Saturday and Sunday, and June 8 and 9 – coming up, I am saddened to know visitors from other regions and states will find the door to our Fulton County historian’s office locked and emails unanswered.

Since I am the wife of William “Bill” Loveday, who was the former Fulton County historian, I know the only reasons for taking the job of a historian, whether county, city or town, is the love of history and a sincere affection for the place in which they live. Being historian goes far beyond the hours spent in the office and includes many hours of research, writing articles, giving lectures, organizing and attending meetings, assisting other historians and historical societies and many long, late-night phone calls from people researching family history. Peter Betz followed in Bill’s footsteps in his dedication to this county.

Hopefully, this coffee-pot incident can be resolved quickly and simply so Peter Betz can return to work and taxpayers’ dollars will be saved.

This sort of publicity makes Fulton County appear silly to other regions.