Noting a different response to the missing

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but the people of this fine community need to know how the friends and family of a missing person feel when they see the effort put forth by the local law enforcement and state police for two missing boaters. But when we needed their help looking for Kellisue Ackernecht when she went missing in 2008, the only help we got was almost one week later.

And by the way, she is still missing.

The two men were reported missing May 19. On May 20, the Fulton?County?Sheriff’s Department and state police were using boats and a helicopter to search the Great Sacandaga Lake for them.

I look at the effort that was put out there and wonder if it was because Ackernecht was not well known around the area.

The same Sheriff’s Department put out this much effort for someone else.

I guess Kelli must not be that important.


Ledyard, Conn.