City’s tax rate not highest

After reading the Cheers and Jeers on May 11, I have some good news for Gloversville taxpayers: You’re not the taxpayers with the highest property tax rate in New York state.

About 21 tax parcels in the former Bleecker School District No. 5 in the town of Caroga – which were combined with Bleecker District No. 4 back in 1923 and then combined with the Gloversville school district in 1964 – pay a town tax rate of $27.05 per $1,000 of assessed property value and a staggering Gloversville school tax rate of $48.34 per $1,000, for a total of $75.39 per $1,000.

Where a Gloversville resident pays $3,699 on a $70,000 assessment, residents on those roughly 21 parcels pay $5,276.88 in this district.

Ironically, they haven’t sent a student to these schools that we can document since 1923. They have gone to the Wheelerville Union?Free School District at no cost to Gloversville.

If they chose to go to Gloversville, their school bus would have to pass through the Wheelerville district to pick them up and return them.


Caroga Lake