Tourist dollars can help fund campaigns

When all vacationers are on the road traveling, especially cultural tourists and collectors, they still remain registered members of the political party of their choice. Their loyalties continue to be intact with fellow party members all across the nation as well.

When visiting vacationers stop over in a community and they discover campaign fundraising events in progress for candidates endorsed by their own party, they show up and contribute to the cause.

This observation is an established fact and not merely speculation. More and more grassroots county political party committees are creating candidate campaign fundraiser formats designed to specifically invite tourists and fellow party members passing through the area to visit the fundraisers as they take place.

Using tourist dollars to finance political campaigns is another way to potentially reduce the special interests’ money clout during an election cycle.

Obviously, it’s not a total answer, but it does illustrate that various campaign fundraising reforms can be created without being overly complicated.