Arts cuts hurting students

I am part of a group that would like to bring to your attention the problem of cutting arts programs in schools. This group is trying to find a way to stop the arts cuts for the surrounding school districts. Using various lobbying methods, we also are trying to inform the public about this problem.

This group is currently in the senior class at Johnstown High School partaking in a P.I.G.S class. We conducted a survey of students in Johnstown High School and found out there is a 7-1 ratio of people in favor of saving the arts. These people have been participating in the arts for between one and 12 years. We have found these students have been able to become themselves and express their creative minds through the arts.

Arts give students the ability to become a well- rounded, functioning member of society with a good head on their shoulders.

According to the Americans for the Arts group, students who have high arts involvement are less likely to drop out and also have high academic grades. There is unfortunately a 4.8 percent dropout rate for students with low arts involvement. If our schools continue to cut the arts programs, it is a possibility future students will most likely drop out of school like flies.