Typical American diet can be a killer

Most people fail to realize the typical American diet erodes human health and leads to disease. The food industry today thrives by selling nutrient-poor, chemically modified and sugar-loaded junk with fancy packages, flashy advertising and low prices.

In the long run, this cheap “food” ends up costing us more in medical bills and unnecessary prescriptions. Experts have proven that diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, poor brain function and many other health issues are directly linked to a poor-quality diet. Monosodium glutamate, sodium aluminum phosphate, high fructose corn syrup and potassium bromate are just a few of the many dangerous ingredients in the foods must people consume. Even most commercial meat is filled with growth hormones, preservatives and animal bacteria. The side effects themselves should scare people to a healthier, whole-food based diet.

Wake up, folks, your diet may be slowly killing you.

BRADLEY S. YERDON, liver transplant

recipient and vegetarian,