Some person tried to help

It has taken me a few days to try and answer a letter to the editor without disrespecting the lady, Ms. Bestvina, who wrote it.

First off, I truly think someone was trying to help you and the kittens when they found you were not there to take care of them. If that person hadn’t jumped in for a week, who would have fed them and given them water? Maybe this person went a little overboard with what they did, but the intentions were good and honorable. The person probably takes care of a lot of ferals and strays, so he or she is familiar with the process.

I rescue cats all the time and try and make them as comfortable as possible. All cats know how to use a litter box.

As far as the medication is concerned, they probably needed it, along with shelter and a bed.

Please have a little compassion for someone who was trying to take some of the burden off you, while you were in the hospital. The person meant well.


DeBary, Fla.