Cheers & Jeers

CHEERS – To enhancing. There is nothing that can spruce up a fence, fire hydrant, shed, garage or house like a fresh coat of paint. Paint instantly can make things new and clean. Last December, Washburn’s Dairy, which first opened in 1922 and had been passed through three generations of the Washburn family, got new owners, and Gloversville’s South Main Street got new neighbors. Fieldbrook Foods of Dunkirk, N.Y., is taking pride in its neighborhood. It is hard not to notice the fresh, bright, white paint with the blue (some would say Duke blue, while others may refer to it as Kentucky blue) trim, creating a brisk, clean image on the block. Thanks for taking pride in the property.

JEERS – To a questionable proposal. This is a topic that needs a category between a cheer and a jeer and a lot of conversation around the water cooler. The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending all 50 states lower the legal alcohol threshold for motorists from a 0.08 percent blood-alcohol content to 0.05 percent. The idea is part of a safety board initiative outlined in a staff report and approved by the panel to eliminate drunken driving. We are an adamant proponent of never driving after drinking, having a designated driver or calling for a ride. If this recommendation goes any farther, there are a number of considerations. Existing driving-while-intoxicated laws carry serious legal consequences. Might it not be more prudent to focus on enforcing existing laws regarding repeat offenders? We wonder what data could be generated on the number of horrific accidents caused by other impairments, such as drugs, emotional stress, road rage, loud music, distractions from passengers and reaching for coffee. Statistics show more than one-third of all drivers arrested or convicted are repeat offenders.

CHEERS – To outdoor movies. It is great to see the Amsterdam Recreation Department taking positive steps in providing new and fun events for its community. The most recent announcement of expanding the Movies in the Park is just one example. This summer, you can bring a chair or blanket, sit under the stars and watch some great movies. On June 1, Marvel’s “Avengers” can be seen, beginning at dusk at Isabel’s Field on Locust Avenue, with three more movie nights to follow at other city parks or playgrounds. Put that on the list of things to do this summer in our region.