PC craziness over ‘Plan B’

Political correctness has sunk into absurdity in a situation involving access to the so-called “Plan B” birth-control drug.

If taken within three days of sexual intercourse, the drug can prevent fertilization of human eggs.

Because it can make up for failure to use birth-control methods before intercourse, the drug is in great demand.

Previously, the drug, also known as “the morning after pill,” was available by prescription only. But the Food and Drug Administration now says it can be sold over the counter to girls as young as 15.

A federal judge has, in effect, extended that, ruling the drug must be made available to “women” of any age.

The government is appealing that order.

Obviously, the FDA was wrong, but the judge is in even greater error.

Juvenile females are not “women.” They are children.

The government has restricted their access to any number of products with fewer potentially harmful side effects than Plan B. Children cannot obtain many drugs without their parents’ permission.

Political correctness is running amok. Let’s hope the appeals court has a better understanding of the difference between women and children.