Queensbury boys, girls sweep titles

QUEENSBURY – Host Queensbury swept the team titles at the Foothills Council championship meet Thursday.

The Queensbury girls won with a team total of 209.5 points, while Glens Falls was second with 110 points and Scotia-Glenville was third with 83 points. Gloversville was sixth with 74.5 points, Broadalbin-Perth was seventh with 70.5 points and Johnstown was eighth with 21 points.

The Queensbury boys edged Scotia-Glenville, 170.5-170, to win the team title. Gloversville was fourth with 73 points, Broadalbin-Perth was fifth with 65.5 points and Johnstown was seventh with 46.5 points.

“All of our athletes did really well today. We even broke two school records,” Gloversville coach Stephen Wendt said. “We are really proud of all our athletes, and we are looking forward toward an eventful postseason.”

In the girls meet, Chanel Thomas set two school records for Gloversville.

Thomas broke the school record and finished first in the long jump by 8 inches with a leap of 17-2. She also tied the school record in the 100 hurdles, placing second with a time of 14.9 seconds. Thomas also placed third in the 200 meters with a time of 26.8 seconds. She also was part of the winning 400 relay team. Thomas, Amanda Cabrera-Case, Dayna Peck and Caroline Bakyta posted a time of 53 seconds to win the event.

Bakyta also placed fourth in the 100 meters with a time of 13 seconds, while Carolyn Peck was sixth in the 400 meters with a time of 1:06.8. Cabrera-Case also placed sixth in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 17.4 seconds.

Brittany Craven was second in the 3,000 meters with a time of 11:32.2 for Gloversville and sixth in the 2,000 steeplechase with a time of 8:21.8.

Allison Hanmer placed third in the 400-meter hurdles for the Huskies with a time of 1:13.9, while Hayley Ferrara was seventh in the pole vault with a height of 7-6.

In the 1,500 meters, Emily Gifford (5:32.3) was seventh for Gloversville and Cassandra Ryan (5:32.7) was eighth.

Gloversville also placed fifth in both the 1,600 and 3,200 relays.

Coreena Monroe placed second in the 2,000 steeplechase with a time of 8:05.3 for Broadalbin-Perth, while Montana Smith (8:30.6) was seventh and Cadey Nolan (8:40.7) was eighth.

Nolan also was sixth in the 3,000 meters for B-P with a time of 12:28.9, while Sarah Naple (12:34.3) was seventh.

Mackenzie Ottati was third in the 400 hurdles for B-P with a time of 1:13.9 and third in the high jump with a height of 4-6.

Broadalbin-Perth’s Anna Smith was third in the shot put with a throw of 33-1 and third in the discus with a throw of 101-11. Allison Lysiak placed fifth in the discus for B-P with a throw of 90-6.

In the pentathlon, Renee Bellinger (1,339) was fourth for B-P, while Alexandria Opalka (1,034) was fifth.

Broadalbin-Perth’s Christa Decker was sixth in the 200 meters with a time of 27.0 seconds, while Madison MacFarland was eighth in the 800 meters for B-P with a time of 2:48.0.

Lindsay Price was eighth in the 400 hurdles with a time of 1:28.0 for the Lady Patriots.

Lakshmi Kesari placed fifth in the pole vault for B-P with a height of 7-6, while Joanna Tavolaro (7-6) was eighth.

Broadalbin-Perth was seventh in the 1,600 relay and fourth in the 3,200 relay.

Johnstown’s Angela Duross was third in the 100 meters with a time of 13.0 seconds, while Carissa O’Brien was fifth in the 100 hurdles for the Lady Bills with a time of 17.0 seconds.

Emily Fettinger was seventh in the 400 hurdles with a time of 1:18.1 for the Lady Bills.

Johnstown placed third in the 400 relay and sixth in the 1,600 relay.

In the boys meet, John Knox II won the 800 (2:04.1) and 1,600 meters (4:29.1) for Gloversville

Matthew Rivera was fifth in the 110 hurdles with a time of 16.3 seconds for the Huskies, while also placing fourth in the 400 hurdles with a time of 1:01.9.

Brandon Paul (24.1 seconds) was fifth in the 200 meters for Gloversville, while Brendan Dutcher (38-8) was sixth in the shot put.

Alex Gifford (10:37.1) was third in the 3,200, while Adam Sleezer (10:41.6) was fourth.

Phil Meher (11:25.9) placed eighth in the 3,000-meters steeplechase for the Huskies. Meher also placed eighth in the high jump with a height of 5-4.

Shaun Arnold (18-8 1/2) was seventh in the long jump for the Huskies, while Caleb Dutcher (38-1/2) was seventh in the triple jump. Luther Sledge (109-5) was seventh in the discus for Gloversville.

Gloversville was third in the 400 relay, second in the 1,600 relay and fourth in the 3,200 relay.

Broadalbin-Perth’s Greg Bogdan won the 3,000-meter steeplechase with a time of 10:43.6. Bogdan also was eighth in the 1,600 meters for Broadalbin-Perth with a time of 4:58.2 and fifth in the 3,200 meters with a time of 10:45.3.

Mike Visco was sixth in the 100 meters for B-P with a time of 11.5 seconds. Visco also placed fifth in the high jump (5-4), long jump (19-4) and triple jump (40-1/2).

Henry Caughey was sixth in the 200 meters for the Patriots with a time of 24.2 seconds, while Jake Coveney (15.7 seconds) was fourth in the 100 hurdles.

Darius Reyes (1:01.9) was fourth in the 400 hurdles for the Patriots, while Hunter Martin (1,982) was sixth in the pentathlon.

In the shot put, Pierre LaPort (40-3) was fourth and Devin Page (38-8 1/2) was fifth for B-P. LaPort also placed sixth in the discus with a throw of 112-3.

Broadalbin-Perth also was fourth in the 400 relay and fifth in the 1,600 relay.

Johnstown’s Devlin Bahruth was second in the 400 meters with a time of 52.5 seconds and seventh in the 200 meters with a time of 24.5 seconds.

Alec Hornidge was third in the 800 meters for the Sir Bills with a time of 2:08.7, while Eric Brower was seventh in the 1,600 meters with a time of 4:53.4. Hornidge also was fifth in the high jump with a height of 5-4 and eighth in the triple jump (37-8).

Daeshan Buseck (17.2 seconds) was seventh for Johnstown in the 100 hurdles and sixth in the 400 hurdles (1:03.3)

Jon Bearden (1:07.0) placed eighth in the 400 hurdles for the Sir Bills, Alex Hollister (37-9) was eighth in the shot put and Dusten Marlitt (1,929) was seventh in the pentathlon.

In the pole vault, Brandon Spaid (11-6) was fourth and Tyler Askew (8-6) was seventh for the Sir Bills.

Johnstown was sixth in the 400 relays and third in the 1,600 relay.

Foothills Council Championships


Team Scores

Queensbury 170 1/2, Scotia-Glenville 170, Glens Falls 119, Gloversville 73, Broadalbin-Perth 65 1/2, South Glens Falls 62, Johnstown 46 1/2, Hudson Falls 22 1/2.

Event Results

100: Dave Slattery (Q) 10.7, Joe Hermey (Q) 10.9, Tre Porter (S-G) 11.0.

200: Joe Hermey (Q) 22.6, Tre Porter (S-G) 22.7, Nate Salazar (SGF) 23.1.

400: Matt Manda (S-G) 52.4, Devlin Bahruth (J) 52.5, Heath Armstrong (GF) 54.9.

800: John Knox III (Glo) 2:04.7, Troy Kelly (Q) 2:08.3, Alec Hornidge (J) 2:08.7.

1,600: John Knox III (Glo) 4:29.6, Troy Kelly (Q) 4:45.4; Chris LaCoss (S-G) 4:45.8.

3,200: Troy Kelly (Q) 10:22.5, Ben Collins (GF) 10:28.4, Alex Gifford (Glo) 10:37.0.

100 hurdles: Justice Spears (GF) 14.5, Joe Hermey (Q) 14.9, Dennis Turner (S-G) 15.2.

400 hurdles: Eric Denny (S-G) 57.8, Justice Spears (GF) 1:00.0, Garrett Camp (Q) 1:01.8.

400 relay: Queensbury (Joe Hermey, Eric Paige, Dave Slattery, Aaron Stone) 45.2, Scotia-Glenville 45.2, Gloversville 46.6.

1,600 relay: Scotia-Glenville (Kevin Bekkering, Martin Dearaway, Eric Denny, Matt Manda) 3:37.5, Gloversville 3:44.0, Johnstown 3:44.9.

3,200 relay: Scotia-Glenville (Martin Dearway, Matt Manda, Grant Norton, Matt Forshey) 8;56.5, Queensbury 9:03.0, Glens Falls 9:05.2.

High jump: Eric Denny (S-G) 5-10, Zach Mapes (Q) 5-8, Justice Spears (GF) 5-6.

Long jump: Dennis Turner (S-G) 21-3/4, Eric Denny (S-G) 19-7 3/4, Heath Armstrong (GF) 19-5 1/2.

Triple jump: Tre Porter (S-G) 42-7 1/2, Dan Omicinski (S-G) 41-6 1/4, Dennis Turner (S-G) 41-1.

Shot put: Anthony Santoro (SGF) 48-1 1/2, Michael Smith (GF) 41-8 1/2, Dave Slattery (Q) 41-4 3/4.

Discus: Dave Slattery (Q) 137-2, Zach Dunbar (Q) 117-3, Michael Smith (GF) 116-7.

Pole vault: Mike Kenny (GF) 12-6, Aaron Stone (Q) 12-0, Garrett Camp (Q) 11-6.

3,000 steeplechase: Greg Bogdan (B-P) 10:43.6, Josh Lee (GF) 10:59.4, Justin Ryan (GF) 11:08.6.

Pentathlon: Trevor Sterother (HF) 2,645, Ben Baker (Q) 2,577, Devon Sweenor (SGF) 2,504.


Team Scores

Queensbury 209 1/2, Glens Falls 110, Scotia-Glenville 83, Hudson Falls 76, South Glens Falls 75 1/2, Gloversville 74 1/2, Broadalbin-Perth 70 1/2, Johnstown 21.

Event Results

100: Miranda Haraughty (GF) 12.2, Colleen Rice (Q) 12.7, Angela Duross (J) 13.0.

200: Miranda Haraughty (GF) 25.6, Casey Bills (HF) 26.6, Chanel Thomas (Glo) 26.8.

400: Colleen Rice (Q) 1:02.0, Carina Singletary (GF) 1:02.1, Casey Bills (HF) 1:03.3.

800: Megan Kellogg (Q) 2:33.6, Lisa Smith (S-G) 2:36.5, Adele Haraughty (GF) 2:337.4.

1,500: Megan Kellogg (Q) 5:08.3, Haley Mooney (HF) 5:08.9, Taylor Mueller (Q) 5:10.4.

3,000: Rachael Guinther (Q) 11:30.4, Brittney Craven (Glo) 11:32.2, Julia Lindsay (S-G) 11:49.1.

100 hurdles: Nikari Carota (Q) 14.5, Chanel Thomas (Glo) 14.9, Olivia Paolano (Q) 16.6.

400 hurdles: Nikari Carota (Q) 1:08.4, Allyce Morrissey (GF) 1:11.0. Mackenzie Ottati (B-P) 1:13.9.

400 relay: Gloversville (Amanda Cabrera-Case, Chanel Thomas, Caroline Bakyta, Dayna Peck) 53.0, South Glens Falls 53.7, Johnstown 55.7.

1,600 relay: Glens Falls (Miranda Haraughty, Adele Haraughty, Allyce Morrissey, Carina Singletary) 4:10.5, Queensbury 4:14.3, South Glens Falls 4:23.5.

3,200 relay: Queensbury (Kim Hanchett, Calie Hubert, Katie Ackner, Sherri Metcalfe) 10:32.3, Glens Falls 10:38.0, South Glens Falls 10:39.7

High jump: Megan McGillycuddy (S-G) 5-0, Brittany Bourdeau (SGF) 4-8, Mackenzie Ottati (B-P) 4-6.

Long jump: Chanel Thomas (Glo) 17-2 1/2, Miranda Haraughty (GF) 16-8 1/2, Casey Bills (HF) 16-3 3/4.

Triple jump: Olivia Paolano (Q) 33-8 1/2, Maddi Jackson (GF) 33-1 1/2, Colleen Rice (Q) 32-9.

Shot put: Zoe Doolittle (GF) 36-10 1/2, Brianna Seeley (HF) 35-2 3/4, Anna Smith (B-P) 31-1.

Discus: Brianna Seeley (HF) 112-7, Zoe Doolittle (GF) 108-9, Anna Smith (B-P) 101-11.

Pole vault: Mackenzie Myott (SGF) 9-6, Olivia Paolano (Q) 8-6, Serena Braga (SGF) 8-6.

2,000 steeplechase: Sara Billings (SGF) 7:41.2, Coreena Monroe (B-P) 8:05.3, Calie Hubert (Q) 8:15.1.