Betz remains inspiration

During the course of the past year, I have had the pleasure of processing more than 1,000 historic glass negatives depicting Fulton County’s rich history. I have logged more than a hundred hours offering this service to our local archives, libraries and museums without charge or compensation.

Fulton County Historian Peter Betz has been an inspiration to my work since I first met him early last summer. I met Mr. Betz by walking into his basement office along with another great inspiration, former Gloversville Historian Judy Marcoux. Not knowing me from anyone, Mr. Betz sat down and took the time to help me with every single aspect of my research.

Over the course of time and after many visits to Mr. Betz’s office, I found that not only was he the county historian, but also a great friend to history.

Mr. Betz remains an inspiration.