Councilwoman invites town officials to meeting May 22

JOHNSTOWN – A Gloversville councilwoman Monday invited Town Board members to a meeting as a way to increase the cooperation between the two municipalities.

Gloversville 1st Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth invited them to the Economic Development Committee meeting May 22 at 6 p.m. at Gloversville City Hall.

The committee is comprised of members of the Common Council. The meeting will be open to the public.

“We thought it would be a good opportunity to get together again – we haven’t done it in a long time – to get reacquainted with what we are all hoping to do,” Wentworth said. “We will also be looking at the revenue sharing agreement already in place.”

Supervisor Nancy MacVean said the board would discuss the possibility of Kingsboro Golf Course being annexed into the city, but no discussion on that subject came up during the meeting Monday.

Mayor Dayton King previously said Johnstown Mayor Sarah Slingerland and himself offered a plan to share property tax revenue for new properties that are annexed from the town into one of the cities. King said the plan started with an offer to give 20 percent of the property taxes from those properties to the town for seven years.

MacVean previously said she doesn’t believe seven years is long enough because the town would not get anything after that period of time.

However, she said she will look to discuss the annexation issues at the meeting with the city later this month.

Land transfer

In other business, an attorney representing Walmart, Leslie Mauro, attended the meeting as well and provided the Town Board with an initial proposal that would transfer land and a right-of-way to the town near the Walmart supercenter that is currently being constructed.

The proposal would give the right of way for the road that would wrap around behind the Fulton County Credit Union to the town and about 0.25 acres along Van Road which is off of Hales Mills Road Extension.

“It would be the document that essentially transfers the property over from Walmart to the town,” Mauro said.

She said a map will be made to accompany the resolution when the exact details and property lines are finalized.

Town Assessor Kathi Oare questioned why the town would even want that small portion of land.

“We just gave up the road to the city, so why would we want to take on another road?” Oare asked.

Mauro said Van Road will be discontinued when the supercenter is fully functional, but the land in that area would belong to the town.

“None of this is anything that is a surprise or new,” Mauro said. “We are just at that juncture in the project where the dedications are actually going to start happening.

Mauro said the town taking the land will make the property lines in the area easier for the owners to understand.

Fox assessment

The Town Board also unanimously approved the assessment for Fox Run Golf Course, setting it at $750,000.