People lack knowledge about programs

Since Dayton King will not open his Facebook page to dissident commentary, I would like to offer a rebuttal to the ridiculous, outrageous, untrue and misinformed comments being made regarding Harley Fuller and the basketball courts at Darling Field.

What is it that makes these posters not understand that the city does not own the courts? The city is under no obligation to fix, repair, or otherwise maintain them. The city is not against the program being offered by Mr. Fuller, but he was directed by the council to go to the Board of Education, the legal owners of the courts.

The mayor has stated “the council agreed to give money for the swim programs that were held at the YMCA and the middle school.” These funds were not taxpayer funds, but were provided by the Littauer Foundation. If you are going to make a statement like that, Dayton, please tell the whole truth.

And you went on to say: “We aren’t buying the basketball court and shouldn’t have to do so. We didn’t buy the senior center when the council agreed to give them $8,500 this year, we didn’t buy the YMCA or the school’s pool when we sponsored the swim programs at over $10,000 and we didn’t buy a van to deliver meals on wheels when we gave the Office for the Aging $3,500.” Again, the $10,000 was not taxpayer money, Dayton.

Bashing and blaming the current council is unbecoming a mayor who hopes to be re-elected. Your statement: “We don’t have a new council, we need one. 2015 is the next election for that …Until then, more people need to get involved, come to council meetings and ask their council members to work for the people that elected them.”

I also would include the mayor in that.

We now have a recreation committee working very hard to provide activities for our youth this summer. For those posters to say the city does not care about the youth of this city is wrong and untrue. Perhaps they should attend a recreation meeting in order for them to be informed and offer suggestions as to what they would like to see in the way of activities instead of bashing the city council.

In my opinion, the mayor should be defending the city’s position to not spend taxpayer money unnecessarily instead of attacking it and the people elected to watch over the funds.