Garbage all over Gloversville these days

I would like to discuss the garbage all over Gloversville these days. Flowers are no longer taken care of at the mayor’s offices. I have seen garbage flying about in the parking lot. I saw a page on Facebook about the mayor’s wife doing a cleanup of other people’s yards and taking donations for this project. Doesn’t it make more sense to clean up the official buildings first? By the way, who is accounting for these donations for this project?

There is garbage just lying about the city in so many places. With all the taxpayer money wasted to argue publicly for the whole county to read about in the papers, or to shame other members of the city for the whole county to gossip about, or to try and explain the use of city resources on his personal time, could Mayor Dayton King have found one or two days to pick up the garbage flying around?

The things being noticed by the people who are now avoiding your city are not pretty. Do you think it is a coincidence that crime is so much worse in Gloversville now? What kind of people do you think are going to buy homes in such a dirty city that is clearly out of order? It is just sad the circus going on in the Gloversville city offices has spilled into all of the surrounding communities.

I sincerely hope that the residents of Gloversville will consider electing someone who does not continually do things to embarrass them in the papers.

I mean, come on, his home was listed for repossession, he banned a cat that is not even in his office after two years because he is allergic, and his petty behavior and blatant abuse of the city he is supposed to represent has spilled over the city lines for far too long.

If you Google Mayor Dayton King or the city of Gloversville, you will have a clear view of what every investor is looking at.