Alternative school provides great help

When people think of an alternative high school, their first thought is usually “that’s a school for all the bad rejected kids who can’t function in a normal school environment.” (I know this because I hear it from people all the time.)

However, that assessment is far from being true. Most people don’t realize how much this school actually means to the children who attend the Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery Board of Cooperative Educational Services Alternative High School.

This school is so much more than your normal high school. The staff members who make this school function are more than just teachers; they are friends and mentors to every single student in this building. They try so hard to give us the education we need to make it through everyday life. They truly are great individuals.

The students who attend this high school are more than just classmates; they’re family. The kids here actually look forward to getting up and going to school because they know there is a place where they belong. There is no reason to be afraid to come to this school because everybody knows everyone and we all watch out for each other like a family should.

We need this program. We need it because it is such a great place to get an education and feel successful. Before I came to the alternative school, I never imagined myself actually graduating from high school, but this school gave me the self-confidence and courage to fight through my high school years – with their help, I know I can do it.

A lot of kids are in the same position I was. I know as a student who associates with the kids of this school that if we lose this program, so many kids will lose the opportunity to graduate.

I am asking our local school districts to please fight for our program and fill as many slots as you can.