Community garden may expand in Gloversville

GLOVERSVILLE – Former City Court Judge Vincent DeSantis recently spoke to the Common Council about expanding the community garden on Fremont Street.

The garden is located in a city lot just south of Forrest Street.

At the council’s meeting last week, DeSantis said the garden – which will mark its fourth growing season this summer – has become more successful as more families in the area have gotten involved.

“This year what we are hoping to do is expand that garden dramatically so that it will use the whole park,” DeSantis said. “Right now, I’d say it’s about a third of the whole length.”

DeSantis said he would look to repair the existing fence on the street side and build a “more aesthetically pleasing” fence along the sidewalk line.

DeSantis told the council he would like to divide the southern half of the expanded garden into 12 individual plots so each family could have its own portion of the garden.

He said those plots would be open to anyone who would like a portion of the garden, although it would be more of a convenience for the people in that area.

“It would be a traditional neighborhood garden,” DeSantis said.

He said the northern side of the garden would be used for production agriculture.

First Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth asked what would be done with the surplus crops that people from the neighborhood don’t take.

DeSantis said he was thinking of selling the crops at the Farmer’s Market Pavilion. The money from the additional crops would be used for maintaining and repairing the garden, he said.

DeSantis said having a community garden forms social bonds in the neighborhood and that part of the city could use some “social cohesiveness.”

He said the expansion would not cost the city anything.

Wentworth said building additional fencing would require a permit from the Zoning Board.

City Attorney Anthony Casale said he would have the plans written up in a formal resolution at the next Common Council meeting.

“I think is sounds great,” Mayor Dayton King said about the idea.