Board in Mayfield heartless, inconsiderate

An open letter to the Mayfield Town Board:

Headlines on the front page of the April 11, 2013, Sacandaga Express caught my eye: “Cat Fight: Town Board tries to stop the appeal.”

Because I went to the Saltons’ last fall to see those tigers and leopards, I was interested in what the article had to say.

Why does the Town Board keep calling it a business? A business is a commercial establishment for a profit. This definitely isn’t the case with Steve Salton. He is completely and legally licensed to be “the caretaker” for these beautiful “exotic endangered” animals that Almighty God created for our enjoyment.

Steve doesn’t charge an admission fee and refused to take a donation from me for food for the animals. So why do you keep calling it a business? Or are you trying to accuse him of breeding these animals and selling their offspring? Then you are completely wrong. Each animal is kept in a separate enclosure. He does not breed them.

Why don’t you board members make an appointment to see these animals and see how much affection they have for their “caretaker”?

If you expect the Saltons to move with their animals, are you going to contribute money and ask his neighbors for donations so he can afford to buy another piece of property with a house and pay to move the elaborate set-up he has for his animals? Steve Salton is a disabled Marine veteran, his wife is in a wheelchair and their son has Down’s syndrome. It would be an extreme hardship on the Saltons if they had to move. It also would be a very difficult hardship on these animals, emotionally, to transport them someplace else.

I think you people on the Town Board are completely heartless and inconsiderate. These animals are like therapy for Steve and his son. Do you Town Board members even know the Saltons personally, or are you just interested in the falsehoods you hear?

I know – it’s all about money, isn’t it? Half-million dollar houses with sky-high taxes. Wow.

Steve Salton joined the Marines so this country can have its freedom. Where is the freedom Steve Salton deserves?

One last thought: “If man could be crossed with a cat, it would improve the man, but deteriorate the cat.” – Mark Twain.