In this country, violence taught via TV

The “universal background check” rule for gun purchases would not prevent gun violence.

When it comes to the mentally ill, the constitutional right to privacy that is guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution and the state of New York’s Constitution cannot be circumvented.

The Veterans Administration already has stated it would not comply with New York state’s SAFE Act because of that right to privacy.

As I have stated time and time again, violence in this country is brought about by teaching violence. Our television bombards our youth every day with police programming, which shows how to commit crimes and how to trick the police.

You cannot expect people to respect each other when the ads and commercials on TV teach our children how to lie and steal. How can we expect our children to respect a woman’s rights if we have women running around on TV in their underwear, or in bed with every man they come across?

What we fail to remember is it only takes one person to be convinced that violence is OK. Then it is that one person who commits the tragedies just like at Sandy Hook Elementary School; it was only one person who did all that bad.

We have no one to blame but ourselves because our society is a violent society. We breed violence, we show violence, and we have a love for it. Remember, for every action, there is equally equivalent reaction. That is shown by the amount of violence that has occurred since Sandy Hook.

We do not have to worry about some other country destroying our country; they are sitting back and letting us do it to ourselves. This way, there will be little work to do to take over.