Removal of eyesore sincerely appreciated

A big thank you to Jim Walsh, city electrician, for the city of Gloversville.

Months ago, a piece of white plastic material somehow attached itself to a very high branch on a tree in front of the old Estee Middle School.

Whenever I looked out my office window, it was there blowing in the wind, but the wind was never strong enough to break it loose. It was certainly an eyesore.

Finally, I gave Jim a call and asked him if he would be able to bring his truck over to take it down for us. He said yes, and, along with another city worker, took it down. What a difference it makes in the overall appearance of the area, and it is appreciated so much.

Just think, if everyone picked up the trash in front of their own home, their workplace, or on a road they travel a lot, what a difference it would make.

Again Jim, thank you for taking care of this for us and for showing how much you care about our city. You rock.