Wilderness has changed

I was hiking back to my favorite lake. I had my fishing pole and worms to get to my favorite spot and that big rock where I used to catch fish. I sat there a spell watching chipmunks. I didn’t put the pole in the water because there isn’t any fish anymore.

I must have fallen asleep, dreaming of old days with my dog, Hynie. The next thing I knew, splash, I was in the lake. Well, I scrambled out and here come these two guys, well dressed. They said, “Where are you going?” I said, “I’m going to camp to dry my hynie out.” They said, “Camp, you can’t have a camp. You can only camp three days and carry stuff back out.” I didn’t dare tell them about the camp ancestors had by Hynie Mountain.

I had two pieces of fungus in my pack. They said put them back or get a ticket. “What are you doing with fish pole?” they said. “There’s a season you know?” I said, “Yes, I heard of fall and spring.” They asked me again, “Where are you going?” I didn’t dare tell them Hynie Mountain, so I said Speculator.

I got to thinking. I better tell people you can’t fish, camp or collect fungus, or those guys will ask you where you are going, are you fishing, collecting fungus or camping?

I wrote a letter and they said too many words and you can’t sign it “hynie,” so I signed it Davey Crockett.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation should make a survey on animals in the wilderness. That would make me feel better. Wild forest forever.