Slingerland to be missed

As Mayor Sarah J. Slingerland prepares to retire as mayor of Johnstown, she will be greatly missed. Mayor Slingerland has set high standards for mayors. Elizabeth Cady Stanton would be greatly proud of Mayor Slingerland. I thought it would be nice if she ran again, but she said she wants to move on.

Johnstown has set high standards for city government. For example, there is no BID program in downtown Johnstown, whereas Gloversville has one that was voted on by the city council. Each business in the BID that pays property taxes must pay 15 percent of its taxes. That 15 percent that is added to the taxes is called assessment. Those assessments go to the BID board that governs those assessments. Gloversville government does not govern for the people.

Mayor Slingerland will have her place in the women’s heritage in the city of Johnstown.