Johnstown district seeks architect

JOHNSTOWN – The Greater Johnstown School District Board of Education on Thursday informally decided to seek proposals from architectural firms to do an extensive districtwide capital project to improve its buildings.

District Superintendent Robert DeLilli told the board at Knox Junior High School the plan will not be done right away.

“This will take quite awhile,” DeLilli said.

The district hasn’t put a time limit on when to do the capital projects, but DeLilli noted this week the Facilities Committee has estimated the 2014-15 school year. The projects would be the first done by the district in several years.

After a report by Facilities Committee member Kathryn Zajicek, the board agreed, without formally voting, to seek architectural and engineering proposals for a future capital plan. Zajicek said the district will seek proposals for work such as heating-ventilation-air conditioning systems, new door locks and plumbing.

“There are necessities that need to be addressed soon [rather] than later,” Zajicek said.

Capital projects could be 90 to 95 percent funded by state aid. Capital projects, once approved by the state Education Department, also eventually would require a public referendum.

Zajicek said her committee met March 21 and April 18 to discuss the future capital plan. She said district Director of Facilities and Operations Leo Loveless “did an awful lot of work” and provided data to help the committee recommend building improvements.

Zajicek said five of six currently used buildings need roof repairs or replacements, the exception being Knox Junior High School. She said there could be a referendum later this year or next year to go ahead with projects. She said the proposed improvements would address health, safety and general maintenance issues with the buildings.

“There’s no fluff, really,” Zajicek said. “If we don’t keep up with these, we’ll have bigger problems.”

Board member Ronald Beck expressed a hope any roof work at Johnstown High School would be done in the summer, because the last time it was done was during the school year and there were “horrible” problems with fumes.

DeLilli said those considerations would be made when the district eventually hires an architectural firm and project manager.

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