Business will have new management

Yes, the Beacon Wearhouse will be going out of business on Saturday. The decision was a few years in the making. My enjoyment doing business with local people was my deterrent from not closing sooner.

An elderly parent, a new grandson, older grandchildren and the need to pay more attention to my properties, and the need to allow more time to annoy more people – something had to give. Robin Rowback has managed the Beacon for the last six years, knows the business and the customers, and she will be taking over ownership; hence, the sign reading “Under New Management.” She has graciously agreed to let me assume my seat on the left side as my office.

So, I will be seen (and heard). I wanted to hang out at True Value, but my son said no. So, the Beacon it is. I have truly enjoyed most of my customers, young and old, big and small. Stories? Have I got stories.

Please frequent the new Beacon Discount, and for now, at the same location. Please remember, in order for small businesses to survive, shop locally. They are your neighbors.



Beacon Wearhouse