Keep neighborhoods clean

I really don’t understand the littering issue around our neighborhoods. Every year, our neighbors go out and clean up our street, creek and yards, and every year, there is another pile of trash to clean up.

I realize there will be some trash blown about with high winds, but we don’t live in Tornado Alley, so seriously, people, how difficult is it to not throw garbage on the ground or in the creek or in someone’s yard?

Different groups get together to clean up Route 30A every year. Why can’t we get people in our neighborhoods to take an interest in how their streets and yards look?

The Little League field in Gloversville has a bunch of garbage around it. Is it too much for the kids to have a cleanup day and clean up the field? You know, “pay it forward.” They play at the park, so in return, help keep it clean.

If you are walking down the street and see garbage, take a minute and pick it up. If everyone did that, imagine how nice our cities and surrounding neighborhoods would look. Maybe that word “blight” that I keep reading about in the paper will go away. There’s a thought.