Firefighters respond to fire at Amish home

GLEN – A structure fire at an Amish residence at 351 Reynolds Road on Thursday destroyed the home’s front porch, Glen Volunteer Fire Chief Jd Downing said Friday.

The department responded to the call at 7:49 p.m. and had the majority of the fire out within 20 minutes, Downing said.

He said the fire started on the front porch from a barrel cooking stove that had begun to rot on the bottom causing the fire to spread.

The residents were in the barn at the time of the fire and a person driving by used a cell phone to report the fire and then notified the residents in the barn.

Downing said the fire spread to a portion of the first level of the residence and caused significant water, heat and smoke damage.

He said the second floor had some smoke damage, but it was primarily used for storage.

He said one of the homeowners had a small cut on one of his fingers after attempting to open a window to retrieve some clothing but declined medical attention.

Downing said firefighers were on the scene until 10 p.m. and received assistance from the Fultonville Volunteer Fire Department, Charleston Volunteer Fire Department, Montgomery County Fire Coordinator representatives and the Montgomery County Cause and Origin Team to assist in determining the cause.

He said the Fort Hunter Volunteer Fire Department was assisting at the station by filling tankers.