County invokes ‘second chance’ policy for auction

JOHNSTOWN – Fulton County supervisors recently authorized auction of a Gloversville residential parcel initially intended for demolition.

The action marks only the second time such a move was allowed under a 2 1/2-year-old county policy.

The Board of Supervisors voted at the County Office Building to authorize a county-owned tax foreclosure parcel at 169 Kingsboro Ave. be removed from the county demolition list for inclusion in the county’s annual June auction.

The resolution was recommended by the board’s Finance Committee.

County Administrative Officer Jon Stead said Monday the Gloversville parcel is a two-family residence near Eighth Avenue and it was referred last year to the county Demolition Team for razing.

But the county in October 2010, approved a “second chance” policy for tax-foreclosed parcels on the county’s demolition list in case private developers want to take them off the list to fix them.

In the case of the Kingsboro Avenue property, supervisors said an unidentified “citizen” submitted a written request to the county to remove the parcel from the demolition list for public sale.

Supervisors said the man’s request was accompanied by a required $5,000 deposit so he could have an opportunity to purchase and rehabilitate the property.

Stead said this was only the second time the board took action on such a request under the “second chance” policy to have a property pulled from the demolition list for possible redevelopment.

“These are pretty few and far between,” Stead said.

Most of the parcels on the demolition list are in poor condition to be redeveloped, he said, so there haven’t been many requests to save them.

“Someone has to have a pretty good goal to try to rehab those,” Stead said.

The “second chance” policy was established for tax-foreclosed properties already on the county’s demolition list as part of Operation Green Scene.

The policy states a potential buyer must submit a written letter of proposal to the Board of Supervisors requesting a property be given a “second chance.”

That potential buyer also must submit a $5,000 check as a guarantee, and a public sale is subsequently scheduled.

If the potential buyer is the successful high bidder, the deposit will be credited toward the purchase price.

If the bidder isn’t, the deposit will be returned.

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