Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To responders. The images of heroic acts after the sickening Boston bombings are fresh in our minds. Meanwhile, we hear news of a massive fire in Texas and the death of a young boy who was hit by a pickup truck in Gloversville. These are the types of tragedies our dedicated first responders – professionals and volunteers – sometimes face. While first responders are trained to be prepared to handle emergency situations, they are not immune to the emotional effects of tragic incidents. These people deserve our thanks and praise for being there.

CHEERS – To world-class champions. How many can say they are world champions? Locally, the answer today is 16 Johnstown High School students: Carissa O’Brien, Rachel DeFrancis, Hannah Putman, Shayla Keba, Breanna VanValkenburgh, Tatyana Rosario, Tamara Thomas, Kaylee Hulsaver, Alexis Randolph, Casey VanValkenburgh, Travis Munson, Ashley Ostrander, Andrea Harris, Josh Scarpa, Haylee VanValkenburgh and Erin Glover. They are team members of the Varsity Winter Guard, which competed in the World Championships this month and finished 12th – in the world – in the Scholastic A Division. This comes off an undefeated season in the Mid-York Circuit. Congratulations to all involved.

JEERS – To poor communication. A Gloversville parent expressed her concerns at a recent Gloversville Enlarged School District Board of Education meeting about the district’s decision to change how fifth-grade students celebrate graduation. Instead of the typical ceremony at each building, the district will have a “transition day” at the middle school. The parent presented a petition to the board signed by some 60 other parents. The parent also was upset about not hearing about the change earlier. We aren’t weighing in on whether the change is good or bad, but the district should have given parents some notice sooner.

CHEERS – To young anglers. More than 120 local children grabbed a pole and went to a local fishing hole in Gloversville to participate in the city-sponsored fishing derby. Thanks to commission Chairman Jeff Ashe and all the members of the Recreation Commission for not letting this event get away. The big turnout may suggest there would be interest in more than one city derby each year. We are confident the community would support the efforts.