Depression a serious issue

Depression is a serious health issue and should not be taken lightly. I’m hearing many cases of people committing suicide. For many, it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I know these feelings of depression because I’ve been depressed myself for 10 years, and I go through these feelings seven days a week. I am getting the help I need. I urge anyone to get the help they need as well.

Depression is just as serious as cancer and should not be taken lightly. Please get the help you need; don’t put it off any longer.

Local contact information if needed:

  • The Family Counseling Center of Fulton County – 725-4310.
  • St. Mary’s Mental Health Clinic – 841-7341.
  • St. Mary’s 24-hour hotline, Mental Health emergency – 842-9111.
  • Fulton County Mental Health Clinic – 773-3531.
  • Also, people can always contact their primary care physician.