‘Gangstas’ uneducated

It seems like everybody wants to be a “gangsta” nowadays.

A car rockets down North Main Street in an otherwise sleepy upstate New York town. From the relative safety of the sidewalk, a pedestrian shouts, “Slow down.”

Screeeeeeeech. The speeding car careens to an uncertain stop -?finally. A young woman pokes her head out of the car window and screams at the offending pedestrian, “I #@#% you up!” Then, out of her mouth spews forth a train of vulgarities that would make Satan blush.

When she’s done venting her spleen, she floors the gas petal, and off she rockets again into the night.

This vile display is part of the image that gangsta-wannabes try to project these days, and such displays are becoming almost commonplace.

Gangsta-wannabes occupy the bottom of the culture-barrel. They represent a too-large underclass of uneducated people who take pride in their stupidity, and their antisocial and often downright criminal behaviors.

Yes, there has always been an element hanging on to the nether regions of society, but that element has never been so numerous as today – or so it seems.

Did earlier generations of Americans sacrifice their lives in our country’s wars – and do Americans continue to risk their lives to this day – so that future generations would turn out like this? God forbid.