Gift from a kind stranger

I would like to share my story to let people know there are kind-hearted souls among us, and it is nice to read a heartwarming story in the paper instead of bad news.

My daughter was married last September and had a beautiful wedding. After a few months, I (the mother of the bride) received a package in the mail addressed to my daughter and her husband with the person’s address on it who sent it. I asked my daughter, her husband and anyone I could think of if they knew who this person was, and nobody knew.

In the package was my daughter’s and her husband’s wedding announcement from the paper and two beautiful carvings made out of wood of my daughter’s and her husband’s names.

My daughter decided to call the person, and a gentlemen answered. He was a retired professional woodcarver and still enjoys woodworking and enjoys carving unique names out of wood. He states it passes the time away to keep him busy and he gave us his name and told us we could call the paper asking about him and that he is well known in the community. He didn’t want us to be scared or nervous about receiving a gift from a stranger.

We thanked him for being such a kind-hearted soul and will treasure his gift. We asked him if we could one day get together to meet him and he said he would be honored.


Fort Plain