EMTs did impressive job

I am a retired physician-surgeon now working at Wilde Fire Enterprises in Mayfield, which sells, builds and maintains fire equipment.

On March 28, our sales manager suddenly developed severe head pain, without focal weakness, and soon after, had diminished consciousness with highly increased blood pressure. A 911 call was made immediately, with rapid response from the Mayfield Rescue-EMS by officer Ralph Marshall, and soon after, arrival from the Ambulance Service of Fulton County with driver BLS John Souza and advance life support paramedic Wayne Allen. The patient was expertly moved down a stairwell, transferred and positioned within the ambulance, where an IV was quickly started and an EKG monitor was attached.

I rode in the ambulance to provide assistance as a physician, but the EMTs provided superb service. I was not required for any procedures. The ambulance driver, John Souza, expertly drove through dense traffic in Amsterdam and Schenectady safely at efficient speeds to complete the Mayfield to Ellis Hospital trip in under 33 minutes, while life-saving medication was professionally administered with excellent judgment by paramedic John Allen.

After additional stabilization at Ellis Hospital, the patient was transferred to Albany Medical Center, where a ruptured cerebral arterial aneurysm was controlled during a 13-hour operation. Thankfully, the patient survived a usually fatal problem and seems to be recovering in a better-than-expected manner. I believe we can look foward to a complete recovery.

The employees and management of Wilde Fire are grateful for the excellent and competent service provided by the Mayfield Fire Department and the Ambulance Service of Fulton County, whose members demonstrated outstanding skill, knowledge and dedication, as well as kindness and courtesy that they can be proud of.