Coaches also must behave appropriately

Can someone please tell me why the Gloversville High School sports program puts procedures in place and then selectively abandons them? What is the point and why is it that these rules do not apply to everyone?

The athletic director and superintendent each acknowledged the Gloversville girls’ junior varsity basketball coach had taken excessive action against my daughter, yet did nothing to resolve the situation. I have contacted the superintendent to resolve this issue, but have gotten the silent treatment and feel they hope I will go away.

A coach is not exempt from questions about their behavior or decisions. Everyone makes mistakes. My daughter had made mistakes and she had taken accountability for them. My concern is certainly not about her not getting enough playing time. My concern is that this coach had taken extreme action against my daughter and kicked her off the team with three games left in the season. Another child on the team who had committed a far more significant illegal infraction was not kicked off the team, only suspended for two games.

At home, my children learned to treat others as they would want to be treated. Respect and honesty are core values in our home. My older daughter graduated with honors and played three sports each of her high school years without incident. I never once stepped foot into the athletic director’s office until now.

In reference to the letter to the editor, “Parents are the problem,” blaming parents for a coach’s inappropriate behavior, you should gather all the facts before you mislead people with your ignorance. You are referencing an article you clearly know nothing about. This coach has had issues in the past with her inappropriate behavior. This is not an issue of my daughter not taking accountability for her actions or not getting enough playing time. This is an issue of the coach’s inappropriate behavior and an athletic director who is too cowardly to take appropriate action. Where is the coach’s accountability? Just because she has the title “coach” doesn’t entitle her to be disrespectful and inappropriate. This can be evidenced by the public reaction to the conduct of Rutgers’ men’s basketball coach Mike Rice.

Not all coaches deserve a pat on the back. Respect must be reciprocal.