Cheers and jeers

JEERS – To unanswered questions. Kathy Dougherty’s decision to resign as interim principal of Park Terrace Elementary School in Gloversville should raise some questions in people’s minds. In her 35-plus years as an educator, Dougherty has been a professional with a passion for education. The reason for her resignation – differences of opinions with Superintendent Michael Vanyo – does not tell us what actually happened. Another question comes up with the announcement Mike DeMagistris, district athletic director, will share the responsibilities of Park Terrace principal with Frank Pickus, the district’s assistant superintendent for curriculum. Don’t these two people already have full-time positions and responsibilities? We don’t see how squeezing out time between their full-time duties can benefit the students and faculty. We also wonder why it has been so difficult for the district to find a permanent person for the principal position? Former longtime Principal Steve Pavone gave plenty of notice before he retired. Is there no possible candidate within the school district?

CHEERS – To a young entrepreneur. In the 2010-11 school year, Johnstown High School started the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. We applaud the continued effort and involvement by students, faculty and local businesses. Congratulations to this year’s winner, Monica Sweeney, who has a business plan for cupcake bouquets. She will travel to Rochester and compete with other innovative young minds. She will have the chance to win $25,00 for her business and a full college scholarship. Great program, Johnstown, and sweet job, Monica.

JEERS – To Tax Freedom Day. According to the Tax Foundation’s annual calculation of the day by which you have worked enough time to be able to pay this year’s tax obligations at the federal, state and local levels, Tax Freedom Day nationally will be Thursday, five days later than last year. Tax Freedom Day varies among states. In New York state, the day won’t come until May 6. New Yorkers will have worked for more than four months to make good on a year’s worth of tax obligations.

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