Student had knife at school: officials

GLOVERSVILLE-A Middle School student was suspended Wednesday for bringing a pocket knife to school, school officials said.

Students informed a teacher that another student had a pocket knife in school. District administrators and the Gloversville Police Department were notified immediately. The student surrendered the knife voluntarily and no one was injured, a news release said.

The incident was a violation of the district’s Code of Conduct, and was handled according to the disciplinary policy, which states “committing physical violence, possessing a weapon, displaying what appears to be a weapon or threatening the use of a weapon are violations that result in immediate five-day out-of-school suspension and will be considered for further disciplinary action via the Superintendent’s hearing process.”

“The district policy is clear: We do not tolerate violence, weapons-or the threat of weapons-in our schools under any circumstance,” Gloversville Enlarged School District Superintendent Michael Vanyo said in a letter to GMS parents.

Vanyo also commended the students who came forward.

“We want to assure parents and community members that supporting the safety, success and emotional welfare of our students remain the district’s top priority,” he said in the letter.