Personnel move apolitical

I am writing in regard to the decision not to rehire a certain individual as a seasonal cashier at the Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course. I would caution that there are always two sides to any story.

As this is a personnel issue, I am not at liberty to discuss the particulars of this situation, but state emphatically that this decision was not made lightly. There were valid reasons to pass on this year’s rehire. My position was well-founded and documented.

Replacing this individual was not at all political. I have never worked that way.

I find it inappropriate that “members” of the golf course have chosen to make this a public conversation, as they are not privy to all of the facts surrounding this situation and their information comes from a disgruntled individual.

I would point out to the “members” of the course they are no more entitled to make decisions about hiring at the course because they play golf than they are at Price Chopper or Burger King because they eat the food.

Lastly, the myth that this course costs our community nothing outside of what “members” pay is ridiculous. City taxpayers pay thousands of dollars in fees to keep that course watered, toilets flushing and garbage picked up.

Honesty and integrity are top priorities for this administration. I have always operated with the best interests of the taxpayers of this community in mind.


Mayor of Amsterdam