Wellness Center in Gloversville expands

GLOVERSVILLE – The Community Physical Therapy & Wellness facility, also known as The Wellness Center, at 41 Arterial Plaza, Suite 15B, has expanded to offer orthopedic outpatient physical therapy.

The Wellness Center has expanded to offer specialists in the treatment of foot and gait disorders after Ryan Pezzano started at the center in February.

The Wellness Center is known for its heated therapy pool and one-on-one therapy and hands on physical therapy programs with physical therapists who have doctorate degrees in physical therapy, said owner Matthew Goodemote.

Pezzano brings his experience as a physical therapist since May 2000 to the business. He began specializing in the biomechanical analysis of the foot in the spring of 2004.

“Ryan performs an extremely thorough evaluation of the foot and gait. He is an expert in custom-made orthotics and recommends the style and brand of shoe that is most appropriate for your foot mechanics. Ryan works with a wide variety of patients from professional athlete to factory worker, and he has helped people from 9-90 years old,” Goodemote said.

Anyone who has pain in their feet or legs would be a candidate for Pezzano’s treatment, Goodemote said.

Pezzano travels from his home office in Albany, and Goodemote said he brings a unique skill to this region.

“Together with our physical therapy specialists at the newly renovated Wellness Center, patients receive hands on, one-on-one, therapeutic interventions. We provide comprehensive programs that include clearly explained home exercise programs with photographs done in-house instead of the typical generic ‘one size fits all’ style of handout. We also provide written instructions and our recommendations for the proper footwear to help you resolve your pain once and for all,” Goodemote said.

Goodemote is a Gloversville native, and one of just over 250 people in the World who have graduated from the prestigious Diploma program from the McKenzie International Spine Institution, he said.

For more information, visit the center, email goodemotept@yahoo.com or call 773-2300.