Roller skating should not be rated PG-13

On a recent Sunday, my husband and I took our two children, ages 11 and 14, roller skating at a popular roller rink in Amsterdam. We went to the 1 to 3:30 p.m. session. There were dozens of small kids there, and two birthday parties going on.

As we were skating, I noticed that a Britney Spears and song containing several curse words was playing. I was not expecting to hear a song like that, as we were in a family roller rink on a Sunday afternoon and not a nightclub. I spoke to a member of the staff about this, who spoke to the DJ. I thought that the matter was settled.

However, not 30 minutes later, a song by Nicki Minaj was played that contained racial slurs, specifically the “N” word. My husband then spoke to staff and their reply was “It’s Requests Day.”

I have a request of my own. I would request that anyone who is operating a business that is focused around children would take some time to make sure that their customers are not being exposed to vulgar language and racial slurs. Simple common sense and a screening of the music is all it would’ve taken to avoid the whole problem.

That also might be a good way to keep your customers.


Fort Plain