Center’s policy change unfortunate

As a longtime and frequent user of the exercise equipment at the St. Johnsville Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, I was profoundly disappointed to learn that the facility no longer will be available for outside membership.

I might add that this change in policy was recently implemented without any advance notice or written explanation to membership holders.

Since its opening several years ago, the rehabilitation/nursing center has enjoyed a good relationship with the St. Johnsville community. I think, in part, some of that may be attributed to providing the general public with access to this state-of-the-art facility. That access not only afforded a forum for a healthier community physically, but also mentally and socially for both outside users and facility residents.

Family is created in many ways, and never is that more evident than in a small town. When I walk through the doors, I see people I grew up with and looked up to; I see former neighbors and friends, some now in their twilight years, greeting me with a smile.

This coming together to get fit, talk and laugh benefits us all not only as individuals, but collectively, and contributes greatly to our communal well being.

While I am not privy to the center’s administrative reasons, it would seem on the surface to be an unfortunate change in policy.


St. Johnsville