Enforce the gun laws that already exist

Mr. Jack Cassidy quips that the 35,000 NRA members at $25 per year ($875,000) couldn’t possibly pay CEO Wayne LaPierre’s salary and fund the NRA staff. That’s true. However, the actual membership at 4.5 million times $25 per year equals $112.5 million per year which does easily fund the NRA – with a lot of money left over.

The NRA must not let “the camel get even the tip of its nose under the tent.” (Remember that liberals/progressives operate on instant “knee-jerk” solutions to most all perceived problems.)

Remember way back when people decided it would be okay to offer a choice between smoking or non-smoking areas in restaurants? Today smoking is banned everywhere. Now they’re even looking to ban smoking outdoors and inside your own home and automobile. Liberals/progressives pick away at liberty bit by bit and every little bit adds up to chunks of liberties lost over time. If you give them an inch, they will want to take a mile. So, never give them an inch.

We don’t need more new laws. We need to enforce the laws in place currently.


Artesia, New Mexico