Park traffic prompts Johnstown to put up signs

JOHNSTOWN – The city is starting to take measures to deal with traffic problems and crumbling roads at the Johnstown Industrial Park.

The city council Monday decided to put more no-parking signs at the industrial park to try to stop tractor-trailers from parking illegally on the shoulders of the park’s roads.

City Engineer Chandra Cotter, who runs the city Department of Public Works, suggested the signs.

“Maybe we can do it as a first step,” she said.

The city Police Department also pledged to keep a closer eye on the industrial park traffic and parking situation.

The industrial park, built in 1992 off Route 30A, contains the 700-employee Walmart Regional Distribution Center and Fage USA, among other businesses. City officials for many years have pointed out that heavy trucks, especially rigs that pull off onto shoulders waiting to enter the businesses’ lots, are tearing up roads. Unsafe parking and code- enforcement issues have increasingly caught the eye of city officials in recent years.

“I think that’s a good approach to take,” 3rd Ward Councilwoman Helen Martin said of the signs.

Second Ward Councilman Chris Foss agreed, noting illegally parked trucks have been a problem at the park, especially since the Walmart center opened in 2000.

Cotter told the council the city roads in the industrial park were built “adequately,” but the shoulders weren’t built for parking.

Mayor Sarah Slingerland previously said the city fire, police and public works departments would work with the industrial park businesses to address the traffic concerns and wear and tear on the roads.

City officials previously said the city could look into creating a pull-off lane for trucks to use as a parking area on Opportunity Drive.

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