Tobacco products seem odd in pharmacy

Often when we look around our community and environment, we don’t really think about what we are seeing. We know our way around stores without really having to think about where a certain item is located (that’s one of the reasons it is upsetting when stores change their displays). We go in, get what we need and leave without really thinking about what items we just saw in the store.

The next time you are in a pharmacy, look behind the counter and ask yourself – why is a pharmacy selling cigarettes? Or any tobacco product? People go to pharmacies to improve their health. And yet pharmacies are selling the only consumer product that, if used as intended, will kill at least one-half of its long-term users. Of the large, chain drug stores in New York state, 99 percent are licensed to sell tobacco.

Not all pharmacies sell tobacco products. In fact, 85 percent of independently owned pharmacies do not sell tobacco. Thank your independent pharmacist for keeping the health of their costumers as a No. 1 priority. For more information, call Project Action at 841-7288.


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