Parents are the problem

This letter is written in defense of all of the coaches out there who, on a daily basis, are being challenged and disrespected by students whose parents have failed to teach them respect and accountability.

I am specifically writing in reference to the article published by The Leader-Herald on March 22, whereby two parents went to the school board complaining about their childrens’ coach. Clearly, these children have failed to understand their actions have consequences.

I am so tired of hearing parents defend their children’s inappropriate behavior. These kids are missing out on one of life’s very important lessons when parents continue to behave like this. I see the results of this behavior on a daily basis in the judicial system, and I wonder why. I can just imagine, when I was growing up, what would have happened to me if I complained to my parents that I was mistreated in school, or anywhere else, for inappropriate behavior on my part.

Wake up, parents, and stop defending inappropriate behavior. Your children are not perfect; nobody’s children are. This has long lasting effects that continue throughout one’s life.

Back to the coaches – these people put in countless hours for very little compensation, and to be second-guessed by parents, athletic directors and school boards by hearsay accounts from disgruntled parents and children is very demeaning and disheartening. Give them the respect they deserve.

Respect starts at home, with the parents from the children and vice-versa.